How to Create Teams

Use Teams to securely collaborate on projects with unlimited users, two-factor authentication, and all of your projects on a single bill.

To create a team account, log in to the DigitalOcean Control Panel. Click the arrow in the top right next to your account avatar to open the user profile drop-down menu, then click Create a team.

If you don’t see the Create a team button in the user profile drop-down menu, verify that your account has a valid payment method, then refresh the page.
Team creation drop-down menu

This takes you to the Create a new team page, which has three steps: create team, billing info, and invite members.

Create Team

On the Create Team page, enter details for the team you want to create.

The create a new team window

In the Team information section, enter a team name and a contact email.

Convert Personal Account to a Team

It is possible to convert your existing account to a team account. To do this, check the box next to Convert [account] into a team. This will move all of your account’s existing resources to the new team. This is not reversible.

When you convert an account to a team, any credit that exists on the account will be transfered to the new team. If you do not choose to convert the account, your existing credit will remain on the personal account and cannot be transferred to the new team.

Require Secure Sign-In

For additional security, team owners can require team members to use a secure sign-in method. To require secure sign-in for a team, check the box next to Require members to sign in with Google, GitHub, or a 2FA-protected DigitalOcean account.

Once you fill out the team information and options, click Create team.

Billing Info

On the Billing method page, select the billing method you want to associate with the new team.

The create a team billing method window

Either select an existing credit card from your account or click Add New Card to add a new one, then click Select Credit Card.

Invite Team Members

On the Invite team members page, you can invite users to join the new team.

The create a team invite members window

Add users to invite by email address or by Gmail contacts, then click Invite team members. You can click No thanks, I’ll send invitations later to skip this step.

Once the team is created, you can switch between your personal account and your teams using the user profile drop-down menu. On the team page, located in the Account section of the main menu, team owners can manage the team’s membership to add or remove team members and change their roles.