Teams How-Tos

Use Teams to securely collaborate on projects with unlimited users, two-factor authentication, and all of your projects on a single bill.

Getting Started

Use the DigitalOcean Control Panel to create a team and share resources.
Invite new members to a team, resend or revoke team invitations, change roles, or remove existing members from a team.
If you enjoy DigitalOcean and want to share it with friends and colleagues, you can earn credit by referring others with a team’s unique referral link.


Increase team security by requiring all team members to sign in with Google OAuth, GitHub OAuth, or a DigitalOcean account with two-factor authentication.
Some product features, like load balancer SSL termination and custom Spaces CDN endpoints, require SSL certificates. The certificates section of your account security page lets you manage the SSL certificates uploaded to your account.
View a team’s security history to see a record of actions taken on the team, like logins, resource creation and deletion, and password changes.
Delete a team to remove it from the control panel.