Teams Quickstart

Use Teams to securely collaborate on projects with unlimited users, two-factor authentication, and all of your projects on a single bill.

When you sign up for DigitalOcean, you are the only member of your default team. You can work by yourself by remaining the only member of a team, or collaborate by adding more members to your team.

Create Teams

  1. From the control panel, click the account drop-down in the top right of the control panel, then click Create a team.

    If you don’t see the Create a team button, verify that your account has a valid payment method, then refresh the page.

  2. On the Create a team page, enter a team name and contact email. Optionally, you can move your account’s existing resources into the team or require secure-sign in. Click Create Team.

  3. On the next billing method page, choose a payment method. Either select an existing card on your account or click Add New Card, then click Select Credit Card.

  4. On the final Invite team members page, invite users to the team by email address or Gmail contacts, then click Invite Team Members. You can choose to skip this step until later.

After the team is created, click Visit Team Page to view the new team.

Add Team Members

Team owners can invite new members to a team.

  1. From the control panel, in the Account section, click Team.

  2. In the Members section, click Invite Members.

  3. Enter the email addresses of the members you want to invite or click Invite Gmail Contacts, then click Invite Team Members.

The status of each invited member is listed in the Members section as either Joined or Pending. There is no limit to the number of members a team can have.

Modify Team Roles

Team owners can change the roles of other team members.

  1. From the control panel, in the Account section, click Team.

  2. In the Members section, click the More menu of the member you want to modify, then click Change role.

  3. In the Change role menu, select the new role you want the member to have: owner, biller, or member.

The role of each team member is listed in the Members section.

Require Secure Sign-In

Team owners can require that all team members sign in with Google, GitHub, or DigitalOcean two-factor authentication.

  1. From the control panel, in the Account section, click Team.

  2. In the Secure sign-in section, click Enable to open the secure sign-in settings.

  3. Click the checkbox for Require secure sign-in, then click Save.

Delete Teams

Team owners can delete a team to remove the team from the control panel for all members and destroy all resources associated with the team.

  1. Switch to the team you want to delete.

  2. Destroy all Droplets, Spaces, DigitalOcean Managed Databases, and DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters on the team. We automatically delete all other resources.

  3. In the left menu of the control panel, click Account to go to the Team settings tab.

  4. Click Edit Information and, in the window that opens, click Delete team.

  5. In the Delete team window that opens, confirm the deactivation.

When you confirm the deletion, team owners receive an email confirmation that the team has been deleted and the team no longer appears in the control panel. The payment method associated with the team will be charged for the team’s final balance, and Billers and Owners for the team will receive the receipt for the final charge.

Once a team is deleted, you can reuse the name for a new team.