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How to Connect to a Windows Machine with the Desktop App

Machines are high-performing computing for scaling AI applications.

There are a few different options for connecting to your machine:

  • Paperspace: desktop app or connect directly from a web browser
  • Third-party tools:: You can also use standard remote desktop tools such as RDP, TeamViewer, VNC, etc.

In this tutorial, we use the desktop app offered by Paperspace. The app offers the best streaming performance, clipboard syncing, etc. The desktop app is available for Windows 10+, OS X 10.13 +, and Linux (beta).

Once you have the app downloaded and installed, you can connect to your remote machine. From the console, you can hover over the machine and click the launch button to connect.

You can also connect from the machine details page.

Create Windows state Create Windows desktop

Check out the onscreen menu which includes options for full screen, multi-monitor, etc. In addition to the console, you can also use this menu to stop or restart the machine.

Create Windows menu

Updates for the desktop app happen automatically. Occasionally, you may experience a short delay upon opening the app as it updates. Once it’s complete your app runs normally again.

To uninstall the desktop app:

  • On Windows, go to Add or Remove Programs and choose Uninstall for the Paperspace app.
  • On Mac, go to your Applications folder and drag the Paperspace icon to the Trash.
  • On Linux, go to your Terminal and run chmod +x Downloads/PaperspaceInstaller- to make it executable and then double-click on it.