Upcoming Changes for Paperspace Customers

Paperspace is a cloud-based machine learning platform that offers GPU-powered virtual machines and a Kubernetes-based container service.

DigitalOcean acquired Paperspace on 6 July 2023. As part of the acquisition, Paperspace users will start receiving invoices from DigitalOcean starting 1 December 2023. There will also be several changes to the billing experience starting in November. This document outlines those changes to help Paperspace customers plan accordingly.

Viewing Your Paperspace Bill

In November 2023, we will start migrating customers to the DigitalOcean billing experience. Once your account has been migrated, billing details such as team balance, itemized charges, and payment methods, can be viewed and managed on cloud.digitalocean.com. Your Paperspace billing page will link directly to your billing information on the DigitalOcean website.

While you will technically be logged in to the DigitalOcean website, you cannot use your Paperspace account to create or manage any DigitalOcean resources.

Billing Usage

You can review your Paperspace team’s accrued charges on the DigitalOcean billing page. The usage total on the DigitalOcean billing page reflects the current total charges for your Paperspace team, and it is recalculated and updated at the end of each day.

As part of this change, you will no longer be able to filter and review usage by user ID, but you will be able to review itemized charges for all spend-incurring services, such as IP addresses, storage, and subscriptions.

Service Pricing

See the Paperspace pricing page for a current list of service prices.


Starting 1 December 2023, you will start receiving your monthly Paperspace invoices from DigitalOcean. Invoice emails are sent from [email protected] with a PDF copy of your invoice attached. You can also download your invoice as a CSV file.

You can preview the current month’s invoice starting on the second day of each month.

Payment Methods

Your current Paperspace payment method will persist and no changes need to be made at this time. You can also change your payment method to any of the methods offered by DigitalOcean at any time, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Late Payments

DigitalOcean has a monthly billing cycle. On the first calendar day of each month, we invoice and charge accounts for the previous month’s resource usage, applying promo code credits and taxes when applicable.

When an account becomes past due, we take the following steps:

  • Day 1: Suspend the account and prevent further resource creation.
  • Day 3: Stop all resource workloads.
  • Day 28: Close the account and permanently delete all customer resources.

If you are having trouble making a payment, please contact the Paperspace Support team.

Billing Alerts and Limits

DigitalOcean supports billing alerts that allow you to receive an alert if your billing usage reaches a specified amount. You can set up alerts under the Billing Alerts section of your new DigitalOcean billing page. We update usage totals at the end of each day. DigitalOcean does not support setting up billing alerts for specific users on your team.

Currently, Paperspace allows you to set up compute limits that restrict resource creation and forcefully terminate running workloads when a maximum total is reached. Unfortunately, DigitalOcean does not currently support this feature and you won’t be able to use it once migrated.

Any team compute alerts you’ve set up in Paperspace will be migrated to DigitalOcean as billing alerts. For example, if you’ve set up an alert on your Paperspace account that triggers an email when the account has accrued $500 or more in charges, we will migrate this alert to DigitalOcean’s billing alerts and it will maintain the same functionality. Unfortunately, we do not support setting up billing alerts for specific users on your team at this time.


The Paperspace referral system will be temporarily discontinued. If you have claimed credits from previous referrals, they will be honored for Paperspace services.