Tax Information by Country

We are required by law to apply taxes for certain countries. If tax is charged and at what rate depends on the account’s tax location. Registered businesses in certain locations can enter their VAT or GST IDs to remove those taxes from their monthly bills.

Cloudways is now a part of DigitalOcean, and all tax details provided in this section apply to Cloudways customers.

Tax Details by Country

To learn more, visit the tax information page for the relevant country:

Location Tax Rate Charged by DigitalOcean Since
Australia 10% 1 September 2017
The Republic of Belarus 20% 1 December 2019
Cambodia 10% 1 August 2022
Canada Varies 1 October 2015
Chile 19% 1 June 2020
The European Union Varies 1 August 2015
Georgia 18% 1 October 2021
Iceland 24% 1 March 2020
India 18% 1 July 2017
Japan 10% 1 October 2021
The Republic of Kazakhstan 12% 1 October 2022
Kenya 16% 1 April 2021
Malaysia 6% 1 January 2020
New Zealand 15% 1 May 2019
Nigeria 7.5% 1 July 2022
Norway 25% 1 May 2019
The Russian Federation 20% 1 January 2019
Saudi Arabia 15% 1 July 2020
Singapore 8% 1 January 2020
South Africa 15% 1 May 2019
The Republic of Korea 10% 1 September 2019
Switzerland 7.7% 1 November 2018
Thailand 7% 1 September 2021
Turkey 18% 1 November 2018
The United Arab Emirates 5% 1 May 2019
Ukraine 20% 1 February 2022
The United Kingdom 20% 1 January 2021
The United States of America Varies 1 November 2019

Frequently Asked Questions about Taxes

How is my tax location determined?

Your tax location is typically based on your account address, which is initially set to the payment address of your primary payment method when you sign up. In some locations, we are required by law to consider other account details, like other payment addresses or IP addresses.

How can I change my tax location?

You can update your account address and view your account's tax location and rate at any time on the billing page. If you've set your account address correctly but your account's tax location is not what you expect, contact support for help.

Why is my invoice in USD? Can I get an invoice in another currency?

USD is the only currency we accept for payments, so all invoices are in USD. We cannot provide invoices in other currencies. Learn more about invoices.

Latest Updates

1 January 2023

  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate for Singapore has increased from 7% to 8%. Learn more about Singapore taxes.

  • The Luxembourg Tax Authorities (LTA) temporarily decreased the VAT rate from 17% to 16%. We have begun charging the adjusted VAT rate to private individuals (B2C sales) located in Luxembourg, which will be visible on invoices issues on 1 February 2023. Learn more about EU taxes.

  • The tax rate for Englewood, Colorado in the United States of America has increased from 3.5% to 3.8%. Learn more about USA taxes.

1 October 2022

1 September 2022

For more information, see all tax release notes.