App Platform References

The DigitalOcean API

The DigitalOcean API lets you manage DigitalOcean resources programmatically using conventional HTTP requests. All the functionality available in the DigitalOcean Control Panel is also available through the API.

You can use the API to deploy, delete, and manage apps on App Platform.

The DigitalOcean Command Line Client, doctl

doctl is a command-line interface for the DigitalOcean API and supports many of the same actions.

doctl supports managing apps from the command line. See the doctl documentation or use doctl apps --help for more information.

Reference for Using the DigitalOcean API with App Platform
Reference for the format of app configuration files for App Platform, also known as “app specs.”
Reference for the DigitalOcean Command-Line Interface (doctl) with App Platform
Reference for error codes and their reasons in App Platform.