How to Enable Performance Improvements Beta Beta

App Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that allows developers to publish code directly to DigitalOcean servers without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

This how-to describes a beta feature and is not recommended for production workloads. After a successful beta period, this functionality will likely graduate to the default build technology for App Platform. Please evaluate the functionality and contact support with feedback.

App Platform layers several isolation technologies to ensure privacy and security when building and running your application. We are evaluating using technology from the kata-containers project to replace the gVisor isolation layer currently used by default in App Platform. We believe this change should improve build speed, memory/storage efficiency, and runtime performance. Additionally, we expect improved compatibility as this change replaces gVisor’s Linux kernel emulation with a genuine Linux kernel.

This beta functionality will first be available for application builds. The option for enabling the functionality for running services, workers, and jobs will likely be available at a later time.

To enable the functionality for builds, go to the Apps section of the control panel, click on your app, and click on the Settings tab. In the BETA Features section, select the Build Performance Improvements option.

BETA Features - Build Performance Improvements

To enable build performance improvements via the App Spec, add the string enable-kata-build to the top-level features array and update the app using the API, doctl, or by uploading the spec in the control panel.

name: my-app
- enable-kata-build
- name: sample
    branch: main