There are two ways of working with DigitalOcean accounts: with individual accounts and with teams.

  • Individual accounts. Your individual account allows you, as a single user, to manage your infrastructure and billing.

  • Teams. Teams allow groups to work together, providing full access for developers as well as a role for one or more dedicating billing contacts. You can create teams from your individual account.

Account Management

The My Account page lets you view and edit your account information, like changing your login method, enabling 2FA, changing email preferences, and deactivating your account.
Share access to DigitalOcean resources with multiple users without sharing login credentials or billing information.
View and manage your account’s SSH keys and SSL certificates. View the history of actions that have been taken in your account.
Set up two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security to your DigitalOcean account.
If you enjoy DigitalOcean and want to share it with friends and colleagues, you can earn account credit by referring others with your unique referral link.
Deactivate an account after destroying all of its resources to close the account and delete its information from DigitalOcean.

Account Information


Account verification is automatic and happens usually within 30 days of opening and using your account. Under some circumstances, you may be asked to provide photo ID. After you become a verified user, you can manually charge your credit card by using the Pay now button on your billing page.

Droplet and Volume Limit Increases

Once your account is verified, we will periodically increase your Droplet limit. You can also view your account or team’s Droplet limit and request an increase from your account settings page. After reviewing your request, we’ll be able to update your limit.

Before your account is verified, you can create volumes up to 500 GB in size. After your account is verified, you can create volumes of any available size.

Getting Help

Looking for technical support with your DigitalOcean account or infrastructure? Start here.

Latest Updates

28 January 2022

  • To continue improving collaboration on DigitalOcean, we have begun incrementally converting existing customers’ personal accounts to team accounts.

30 November 2021

  • To improve collaboration on our platform, a percentage of new signups on DigitalOcean will begin with a team account.

12 October 2021

For more information, see the full release notes.