Network Size and Range

Network Size

Network size is the size of the VPC network. When configuring the private IP range, you can also customize the size of the network. The offered network sizes: /28 (16 usable IP addresses) to /16 (65536 usable IP addresses). The default size is /20 (4096 usable IP addresses).

You cannot resize VPC networks. If you need to resize your network, create a new VPC network and migrate resources to the new network.

When choosing the network size of your VPC, calculate the resources connecting to the network and estimate the total resources you intend to add to it in the future. A network size that is unnecessarily large may affect the network’s performance. However, when considering a smaller network, you should consider the possibility and amount of growth your network may experience. If you are using automation to add and remove resources from the network, then a network that is larger would cover the possibility of spikes in usage.

You can use this table to determine how many usable IPs are available for a specific CIDR prefix on DigitalOcean.

Network Size (CIDR Suffix) Number of Usable IP Addresses
/16 65536
/17 32768
/18 16384
/19 8192
/20 4096
/21 2048
/22 1024
/23 512
/24 256
/28 16

Network Range

Network range is the possible range of decimal values for the first byte of a network number. Network ranges depend on the type of class the network is part of.

When creating a DigitalOcean VPC network, the address range prefix controls for the network range and associates with a customizable network size.

DigitalOcean VPC provides several IP address ranges allocated for private networking purposes (RFC 1918):

  • –
  • –
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